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Operation Pitting

23 Aug 2021

Al Squadrons making up 1 AMW are heavily involved in Op Pitting, the evacuation from Afghanistan.

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1AMW handover.jpg

OC Handover

16 Aug 2021

Wing Commander Jane Lewis has taken over as the new OC 1 Air Mobility Wing (1AMW), from Wing Commander Tom Walker. The Association wishes Wg Cdr Walker good luck for his next posting and congratulates Wg Cdr Lewis on her appointment

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Russ Russell

14 Aug 2021

It is with regret that the Association learnt of the death of Clive "Russ" Russell on the 7th Aug 2021.
Funeral details are as follows: Tuesday 31st Aug 2021 at 1300 South Oxfordshire Crematorium: Garford Abingdon OX13 5PA.


Cenotaph March Past 14 Nov 2021

31 Jul 2021

Those who will be marching on behalf of the Movements Trade at the Cenotaph on 14 Nov is below.

Paul Amies

Colin Baines

John Belcher

Gordon Black

Lee Butler

Martin Cawley

Mark Haining

Duncan Metcalfe

Fred Ward

Dennis Griffin

Lorraine Hughes

Steven Maunder

Hoss Wall

Ian Berry

Douglas Betambeau

Stephen Bird

Russ Carter

John Conduit

Tony Dunphy

Tony Geerah

Steve Gelder

Martin Jones

Jayne King

Zippy May

Fiona Morgan-Frise

Phil Overson

Steve Perry

Mick Press

Andy Rice

Allan Walker

Dale Walker

Dave Williams

Jai Cookson

Mark Gibbons

Kev Koslowski-Smith

Nige Malyon

Taff Newington

Ray Ralph

Matt Thompson

Steve Wright

Dona Allen

Trevor Barton

Dave Bell

Andy Brookes

Karl Byrne

Tim Etches

Gary Farndale

Ian Furlong

Richard Hargreaves

Joe Hubbard

Neil Jenkinson

Keith Jevons

Kev Laing

Rob Lilly

Adrian Maddox

Chris Owen

Marie Pawley

Tony Randerson

Robbie Robinson

Mark Taylor

Bernard Thompson

Tiny Wright

Richard Allen

Yorkie Arundell

Steven Cameron

Vince Campbell (Culmer)

Olly Grainge

John Gregan

Tony Hester

Eddie McDowall

Gemma McIntyre

Mac McKenna

Claire McLeish

Viv Neary-Philips

Derek Read

Dave Salmon

Vicki Savoury

Bruce Townsend

Geoff Williams

Paul Wilson

Between us there is over 1815 years of service.
The oldest marcher will be 82 and the youngest 38.
This year being the 30th anniversary of the first Gulf War, 19 marchers have the Gulf medal.


WO Chick Hatch

 29 June 2021

It was with regret that the Association learnt of the death of WO Chick Hatch from a commination of heart and kidney problems. He had caught Covid at the beginning of the year. He recovered from that but was left with long covid.

Tony Neale.jpg

Tony Neale

9 May 2019

It is with regret the Association learnt of the death of Tony Neale on 28 April 2021 a long battle with heart disease.
Family cremation to be held at Weston Mill Crematorium on 10 May 2021.


Tommy Brown

8 March 2021

It is with regret that the Association learnt of the death of Tommy Brown through complications with Covid 19.

Tommy's funeral took place on the 23rd of March at Mason Hill crematorium in Ayr.


New Year Honours and Awards 2021

1 Jan 2021

WO Tug Wiilson

AOC 2 Gp Commendation
WO M Gibbons
Air Movs Sqn, RAF Northolt

DCom Ops Commendation
Air Cargo Flt, 1 AMW

AOC 38 Gp Commendation
FS M Beavis
FS P Stannard
FS D Wanless

Team Commendations
Battle Proms Fundraising Team. 4624 RAuxAF Sqn
PAMD East Africa, 1 AMW
Support Flight, Ops Support Sqn, 1 AMW

Cmdr Strategic Command Commendation
FS G Moore


Operational Awards

27 Nov 2020

RAF Operational Teams Commendation - JFSp(ME) Iraq Air Movements Team


John I'Anson

23 Nov 2020

It is with regret that the Association learnt of the death of John I'Anson following a long illness. The funeral was held at Haycombe Cemetery, 209 Whiteway Road, Bath, BA2 2RQ on Monday 21st December 2020 at 10.45

A plea from the family.
John had retired to Cyprus and most of his belongings, along with his Computer, are still there without the family having access. They would love to receive any photographs you may have of John and a history of his Service career. Any tributes, messages of condolence, or memories of his service life would be gratefully received by e-mail to his daughter Cathy and son Matthew at


Team Brief / Publications

19 Nov 2020

All issues of Team Brief and Associated publications have been temporarily removed from the site. If you want a particular issue, please contact me and I will send you a personal copy.

Wreath Card - 2020-4.jpg

National Service of Remembrance

8 Nov 2020

Sadly due to the Covid pandemic, the march past at the Cenotaph was closed to veterans and it was left to individuals to pay they respects at their local memorials. A toast to those Movers who had died over the last year was carried out at 1330Z. This was  broadcast live on the RAF Movers Facebook group to enable everyone who wanted to, to raise a glass at the same time and remember those who gone on their final postings. The clip is available on the group page


Queens Birthday Honours 2020

9 Oct 2020

Air Cdre SN Perkins

WO N "Whaty" Campbell
WO J Young

DCom Ops Commendation
FS S Rezazadeh-Wilson